Tool Box


The official record of the protocols used during the Neighborhood Bird Project. Read a written description or watch our instructional video below.

Point Count Protocol (All Parks)

Wetland Sweep Protocol (Magnuson Park only)

Data Sheets

There are three files for download below depending on your survey location:

Main Datasheet
For all park surveys

Extra Data sheet
For park surveys with more than 8 stations, use this form in addition to the Main Datasheet

Wetland Sweep Datasheet
For Magnuson Park surveys with wetland sweeps


The Frequently Asked Questions sheet compiles the most relevant questions regarding the protocol and mechanics of the survey that we have been asked over the years.

Range Finder How-To Guide

A Range Finder is one of the tools we occasionally use to measure distance and assists the volunteers in maintaining standardized survey areas. Many of our park leaders carry them and you may have the opportunity to use one during a survey. If you’ve never used one before, check out the guide below to get started:

Improve Your Birding

Birding by Ear Tips and Resources
Want to improve your birding by ear skills? This PDF contains a list of the common songs to know in Seattle, practice resources, and some tips to get started.

Four-Letter Banding Codes Information
Did you know that every North American bird species has an associated four-letter code? These codes are intended to make writing long bird names faster when in the field. Find out how those codes are made, and the exceptions to the rules in this document:

Visit Seattle Audubon’s online guide to the birds of Washington State, discover our favorite birding sites, and check out more birding resources.

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