Genesee Park

One of the original parks established at the inception of the Neighborhood Bird Project, volunteers have been surveying in Genesee Park since January 1997. Genesee Park is a broad, rough meadow that stretches for about 5 blocks on Lake Washington Boulevard. Surveys take place on the first Saturday of each month. Birders of all levels are welcome.


By The Numbers

Earliest Survey In Database: January 4, 1997
Survey Stops 7
Survey Loops 1
Surveys Conducted 271
Volunteers 15 volunteers
567 hours
Unique Species Observed 115

Top 5 Abundant Bird Species

Current Year Last Year at This Time All Time
American Crow 10 50 1145
Gull sp. 6 10 277
Mallard 3 12 228
Canada Goose 3 9 135
American Robin 3 9 376

Park Data

A running 12-months of data is available to view. If you are interested in accessing the full dataset, please contact the Science Manager to inquire.

January February March April May June
July August September October November December