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Our Vision

Monitoring species diversity in urban wildlife habitats of King County through the work of community and citizen scientists, and empowering the local community to become advocates for wildlife habitat.

How it works

Volunteers conduct bird censuses once a month. The data are entered into a master database. These data serve to assist Seattle Audubon's advocacy efforts in land-use decisions.

The project's name includes "neighborhood" because the project enlists volunteers primarily from the neighborhood surrounding the wildlife habitat being surveyed. The intent is to educate Seattle Audubon members about the habitat close to their homes, to observe what birds live there as the seasons change, and in doing so, to encourage members to become advocates for the wildlife "in their neighborhoods" or communities.


1st SaturdayCarkeek Park
Discovery Park
Genesee Park
1st SundayGolden Gardens Park
Lake Forest Park
2nd SaturdayMagnuson Park
Seward Park
2nd SundayLincoln Park
3rd SaturdayWashington Park Arboretum

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