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Our Park Schedule

NBP surveys always happen on weekends, and happen on the same day of the month, each month. For example, for the surveys at Carkeek Park volunteers meet on the first Saturday of each month. The surveys at other parks take place on different weekend days of the month.

Please contact us for specific meeting times and locations. Surveys usually last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the survey area within the park.

1st Saturday
1st Sunday
2nd Saturday
2nd Sunday
3rd Saturday

Volunteer Registration

To take part in the Neighborhood Bird Project, or any volunteer opportunity oered by Seattle Audubon, start by filling out an online Volunteer Application.

Seattle Audubon offers a variety of ways to get involved and you can select as many opportunities as you want on this form.

Our staff will get back to you shortly to follow up about NBP and any other opportunities you may have selected. You can see all of our current volunteer opportunities on

What Is The Neighborhood
Bird Project?

Volunteers meet up monthly in Seattle-area parks to conduct surveys of the birds that are found there. The data they collect are entered using the data-entry section of this website, where it is saved in a database holding over 20 years’ worth of information on the birds that call Seattle’s parks home. These data are used for scientific analyses and help Seattle Audubon make informed decisions on land-use and urban conservation issues. Check out the Volunteer Toolbox to learn more about our Point Count Survey Protocol.

The Neighborhood Bird Project has "Neighborhood" in the name because it aims to enlist volunteers from the neighborhood(s) surrounding the parks. The intent is to educate volunteers about the birds and habitat close to their homes, to provide an opportunity to observe the habitat as the seasons change, and in doing so, to encourage volunteers to become advocates for the wildlife in their neighborhoods and communities.

That being said, anyone who is interested may attend surveys at any of our parks, regardless of their home address.

Upcoming Trainings

Washington Park Arboretum
Carkeek Park
Discovery Park
Genesee Park
Golden Gardens Park
Lake Forest Park
Magnuson Park
Seward Park
Lincoln Park
Cheasty Greenspace

Want to Explore More?

Volunteers conduct bird censuses once a month. The data are entered into a master database. These data serve to assist Seattle Audubon's advocacy efforts in land-use decisions.

The project's name includes "neighborhood" because the project enlists volunteers primarily from the neighborhood surrounding the wildlife habitat being surveyed. The intent is to educate Seattle Audubon members about the habitat close to their homes, to observe what birds live there as the seasons change, and in doing so, to encourage members to become advocates for the wildlife "in their neighborhoods" or communities.